Welcome to Badass Besties Club

I inspire and encourage women to live their most badass life!

What is the Badass Besties Club?

Welcome to the Badass Besties Club!

Being an adult can be hard.

Finding friends can be even harder.

How can we meet new people when we are consistently pushed in a thousand different directions and unable to take time for ourselves?

How can we put ourselves out here to chat with others when we are unsure of where to find them? 

The Badass Besties Club is here to help you do just that!  

The Badass Besties Club is dedicated to transforming the lives of women. In this Membership, we want to CELEBRATE YOU BEING A BADASS WOMAN. Whatever interests you, whatever lights your soul on fire, we want to show off how badass and incredible you are, just for being YOU.

Oftentimes we are the cheerleaders for others – cheering them along on their journey and excited to share in their joy, but we might not always get the same accolades. It’s about damn time that changed, my friends. 

Our motto is to inspire and encourage women to live their most badass life! To empower them to live out their dreams as a badass book reader, mom, bestie, earth lover, woman, human…whatever makes her the most badass woman she can be.  

In this Membership, you'll have access to:

💜  A community of women who are here to support you and cheer you on! Receive validation & excitement from members about your successes (or support when you need it the most). 

💜 Quarterly curated Badass Box featuring badass female owned businesses, gently used books, bookish gifts, and more!

💜 Badass Book Besties Book Club - which focuses on adult fiction & non-fiction written by women (as they are the best authors, of course). You receive Guided Notes and Discussion Questions prior to each meeting. You also have access to all previous recordings and discussions. 

💜  Badass Bestie of the Month: Each month a member of our community will be highlighted. She will have the opportunity to share what makes her SO badass – everyone is worthy of being celebrated! This is also a perfect opportunity to show off a special talent, your small business, or something you want to share with the world!

💜  Networking Social Event (once a month) where you'll connect with other women and learn more about each other. We believe in the power of conversation to bring us closer together.

💜  Resource Library of helpful content to include book recommendations, motivation, personal development, happiness, and more.

THIS is what you have been looking for! Are you absolutely pumped to hear more?!

About You

You’re a badass woman who deserves to know that she is valued, appreciated, and accepted just as she is. You yearn for a sense of belonging, stronger friendships, and connections with others; an engaging conversation keeps you on your toes and invigorates you.

You love learning new things & expanding your mind, so you sometimes view inspirational content on YouTube and listen to a variety of podcasts. Maybe you love reading a variety of books (even though you sometimes don't have the time) and filling your bookshelves with new books to read.

You might work from home or you’re unable to find the right people you jive with at work, so you feel isolated and alone, but don’t know where to meet new people. You wish it was easier for you to find a group of women you can connect and grow with, who celebrate you and how badass you are, and who will lift you higher than you’ve ever dreamed.

Does that sound like you? Maybe it checks off some of your personality boxes? 

If so -- then, I have the perfect Membership for you!

Why You Should Join Us!

Transform your life and join our Membership! Be ready to form badass friendships with other women, just like you. Avoid the feeling of being lonely or left out and be the BEST version of yourself that you’ve been dreaming to be.

If you’re looking to make connections with other women, if you’re wanting to expand your thinking, be celebrated for being a badass, AND make new friends while you’re at it, you should join us! You’ll leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and happier!

Badass Book Besties Book Club

Are you sitting in that same old book club, not discussing the books as thoroughly as you had hoped? Are you analyzing them in a vivid & engaging way or wish that you were, like you may have done back in school? Maybe you just haven't found the "time" to read the book thoroughly, but then still wanted to participate? 

The Badass Book Besties might just be your ticket to re-igniting the passion for reading that you've been searching for. 

We are devoted to reinvigorating the book club scene. We celebrate incredible female authors who write engaging and thought provoking books to help us expand our minds to new and different worlds.  Our goal is to not only highlight amazing authors, but also to analyze literature in new and exciting ways.  In return, members become more open minded, they become more enchanted in their reading, and the sparks fly. 

Each month in this book club, we read and analyze a new book - adult & young adult fiction and non-fiction, written by a badass female author. Each book is voted on by the members, so you will have a voice in what we choose to read (recommendations are ALWAYS encouraged!)

We truly dive DEEP into the discussion of each novel, analyzing the themes and how it relates to ourselves and society. All members received Guided notes & discussion questions prior to each meeting to help members stay on track and to guide the discussion. The Book Club meets on the second and fourth Thursday of every month (unless rescheduled due to holidays or other major events) at 8:30, EST on Zoom.

Books we’ve read this year: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, Educated, Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Book of Form & Emptiness, The Hate U Give, The Immortalists, Untamed, and City of Girls.

(Each of these books can be found on Bookshop.org: Bookaholic Bestie)


“The environment, the atmosphere. Very relaxed, while engaging. Captivating, entertaining.”

“Open discussion without judgment!”

“The summary notes and guide questions - I LOVE getting them and reading them! Makes me feel so organized, which I love.”

“Getting to read something outside my comfort zone and the ability to discuss books with others.”

“The social aspect, sharing, debating and reading! New words, concepts, ideas. I really dig reading!”

About Me

When I was a young girl, I was obsessed with reading, and I enjoyed spending time with my friends. I devoured all the books I could get my hands on, and my bookshelf became filled with so many different titles to be read; seeing them always brought me so much joy (take that, Marie Kondo). The library and bookstores were my happy place, and I often took stacks of books home. The crinkly sound of the plastic book coverings and the smells between the book pages excited me! I was raised into a family of readers as well, with my grandmother, mother, and sister, so it seemed only natural that I would be in love with reading as well.

Consequently, I chose English Education as a major and career path. I loved diving deep into literature, analyzing texts, and writing verbosely about everything from Romantic Literature to Shakespeare to Adolescent Lit, and Children’s Lit. I was in love.

I knew I wanted to be a teacher or in a school environment, so I spent the next ten years of my life as an educator – a teacher, a school counselor, and then a librarian. I enjoyed being with the students, but I was constantly busy (which caused me to lose some friendships along the way) and felt like I wasn’t the truest version of myself. As I continued in my career, I began to feel more and more isolated.

Then, after having my children (whom I absolutely love and adore), I felt even more isolated – especially with not having mom friends. Once I started working from home, I knew I needed to find another way to interact with adults, form new friendships, and strengthen connections with the amazing women in my life.

When I think about why I decided to become a teacher, a school counselor, and now a community builder, I realized it's because I want people to FEEL that they are being paid attention to. I want people to know how much they matter and how important they are in this world. It is important to me to show them that someone CARES about what they are doing and where they want to go in life. I accept people for who they are and who they wish to be.  I want people and myself to be accepted and loved, like I so badly wanted (and still want) in my life.

I decided it was time to get back to my first true love: reading. I wanted to get back that enchantment feeling I once had. I wanted to get back into reading with others and engaging in intelligent conversations with REAL people. I crave real & honest conversations with women who seek growth, validation, and acceptance. I was fed a content heavy load of classical literature in college, and my passion for reading for pleasure slowly dwindled. I stopped reading as often; I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Books were, in a sense, my friends. I missed being with them, holding their words between my hands. I also missed talking with others about books! I missed the connections and discussions with other like-minded people.  I missed that vibe you get when you’re with the right people, discussing topics you enjoy.

So, here I am – a woman in her 30s seeking out friendships with women who value the same ideals - transformation and growth, building new relationships with others, and making time for each other.

THIS is why I started the Badass Besties Club – I wanted to create a membership where women could connect with other women, learn more in a community-based environment, and feel seen.

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